Saturday, March 28, 2009

Working Hard!

Neutrophil bag #3 is in and working. WBC 4.3 YEAH- ANC is still being calculated- it is a Saturday and the lab is running slow. Gary's body is working really hard- it has alot of bugs to fight off. He has been sleeping alot and seems more comfortable than he has been. It will be a slow recovery and will take some time. The best way to measure the success of the transfusions is the blood counts and how Gary feels. He says he has no pain and his counts are going up with the transfusions.
ANC 4.0 very good!


Anonymous said...

Another day closer to coming home. Did you see the MSU is in the Great Eight? Keep resting up and let the rest do their work.
Oh......I see that I am #1...again!
Kris Wenner

Anonymous said...

Since we're rooting for the white blood cells, we'll be chanting "Let's go white!" throughout the rest of the tournament. Best wishes! God bless!
Kim and Woody

John Wagner said...

I have been following Gary's story but I don't think I have posted here before, but I had to tonight because it seems there are a lot of positive indicators in your post. Certainly an answer to many prayers. There are many folks from CLLCFriends praying for both of you. I pray Gary will be home soon and feeling well.

Anonymous said...

Keep plugging're doing great..maybe the pom pom girls will be back again soon for another GO GARY Session..wish we were closer...i'd get some pom poms and join them!!! think of you every day and send prayers your way..
Anne & Chip