Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bugs and More Bugs

Ok seriously how many stinking bugs can one guy get??? Due to Gary's high temperatures they take blood cultures almost daily. Blood cultures need to be taken from two different sites (preferably each arm) on the patients body. To Gary that means two more pokes. The cultures from last night revealed another bug in the blood. So more antibiotics were added and the pic line was removed. So IV's are back, we hope that they will be longer lasting this time.
Temperature regulation remains a problem. It has been hanging out in the 103's. He is using a cooling blanket - picture a rubbery 10lb blanket resting on top of you- really great for breathing out of his pneumonia filled lungs.
Tomorrow at 9am our first donor gets the blood sucked out of him. We are anxious for it to get into Gary's body and work away. Pray for the neutrophil transfusions to go smoothly and the bugs to get out!!


kc said...

are you set with donors, now? or are you looking for more o+ ? prayers your way!

Anonymous said...

Praying for lots of long-lasting, bug-eating neutrofils! May all the donors be bursting with neutrofils.

Anonymous said...

Gary, I hope those neutrophils get into your body and work like PAC-MAN! As you get your transfusion pretend you can hear the game in your head ... hundreds of little PAC-MEN chasing and gobbling up all those bugs:)
Feel better ....

Name: Holly Bowne said...

Neutrophils in, bugs out! Neutrophils in, bugs out!

And thank you for the science lessons, Tammy. They really help us non-science people understand what we're praying for.

The Bownes

(Yeah okay, so THREE of the Bownes ARE science people, and one is not, can you guess which one? ;)

Amy Rosenberg said...

Tammy, I think you know enough to pass the medical licensing boards by now. Gary, I hope those neutrophils get in there and get down to business! I like the Pac Man reference that someone else made - that's a very good way to think about it! By the way, I kind of like your look in the photo, with the eye patch, Gary. It makes you kind of suave and mysterious looking. Keep up the good fight!

Margo said...

Dear Tammy and Gary,
Hugs and prayers to you on this journey. I hope the neutrofils do their job!

Anonymous said...

Gary and Tammy, You are in our thoughts and prayers. hang in there. May neutrophils be welcomed into your system and may the bugs be kicked out!! Dave and Mary S.