Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Not Today!

The bone marrow results are not in. Gary will not be coming home today. He had fevers throughout the night and told the resident in morning rounds that he was not comfortable to come home. See God is taking care of us- the time is not right to go home.


Anonymous said...

Keep the faith! I'm confident Gary will recover better than ever. We continue to pray for you.

The Agnellos

Anonymous said...

Sorry Gary can't come home today but glad that he and the Dr.'s are on top of things. We're thinking of you guys.


Name: Holly Bowne said...

God bless you guys for keeping us all posted. You are an inspiration to everyone your lives touch. We're still praying hard and appreciate knowing specifically what to pray for.

Love and hugs,
The Bownes

Fran said...

Today is not meant to be the day. We will be patient and continue to work towards your complete recovery. Sending strength and healing your way.