Monday, March 30, 2009

Taxi Transport

Today is another neutrophil day....yeah! Gary is fighting high fevers which seem to be worse and not come down like they were last week. His body is very tired so he sleeps alot. Please pray for Gary's own immune system to start kicking in and for a break from the fevers! More info on the neutrophils when they arrive. It is 7pm now Gary has a 103 fever and they are in a cab. Really that is what they tell me they do call a taxi to transport them from Downtown Detroit to Ann Arbor. I told them that I would schedule drivers (choosing fast ones) to transport the products but they didn't go for that idea.....come on now a taxi!!!!


kc said...

OK - fevers it's time to go! We are all praying for Gary's fever to be gone -- and for all of you to get a break!

Anonymous said...

Praying the neutrophils kick in and get that fever back down...and for a fast and safe arrival via taxi! i didnt know they had taxis in detroit??? go get um gary - you'll beat this.
anne rewey

Anonymous said...

I hope the neutrophils have arrived by now and are doing their job to make Gary feel better. These fevers need to go! We will keep on praying.


Anonymous said...

Gary and Tammy,

You continue to be in our prayers and we know Gary can beat this! Tell him that all of co-workers at WhereNet/Zebra miss him - the office is missing his "moon walk".


Anonymous said...

We are praying that your fevers come down and those neutrophils are working hard. We hope you had a good night and pray that today is a better day for you.

Tim & Cheryl

Anonymous said...

We are praying for that fever to go away for good. Keep sleeping and let the Neutrophils do their thang! And, Go, Taxi Drivers, Go!!

Love and Prayers,
The Carlsons