Thursday, March 26, 2009

Amazing Neutrophils

After #2 donation WBC 5.0 with 4.8 Neutrophils- wow! The doctors only expected a .5 bump!
They only last about 1 day- his counts did return to .4 WBC and 0 WBC last night before the transfusion. So Donor #1 is in the lead with volume and Donor #2 leading neutrophil count.
Gary is fighting away today which takes alot of his energy. He is frustrated with his mind thinking slow. His breathing improves with the use of oxygen.
The pseudomonas bug that was found in his blood was also found in his lungs. It is a difficult bug but with the antibiotics and increased neutrophils - the bugs will be gone.


Anonymous said...

Again........I am #1! I must get a job!!!
Love hearing the Great News. Rest up and let those little buggers do the rest.
My mind comes and goes all the time. I just have a glass of wine to help me! It will come back to you. You just have so many different medicine's in your body.
ove Ya,
The Wenner's

Rich said...

Great News!!! You're getting there Gary. Hang in there. We're all praying for you! The Duntleys

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Gary; rest in His arms for a while. Tammy, thanks for the lesson in neutrophils (I was wondering about it until I scrolled back far enough to read your astute lesson!) Tell Gary he needs to tell God jokes too . . . goes both ways. We're sending love and prayers your way. Sue Weber

Anonymous said...

Gary keep up the good work fighting off those nasty bugs. You have lots of prayers still coming your way from Troy.
Andrew and Marianne

Anonymous said...

Gary and Tammy,
I understand that you have enough O donors at the moment, but please know that we at the office are ready to donate at a moment's notice there is a need. We want to do something.
For now we will keep praying.

JF and the MH Zebra crew.