Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pirate Patch

Gary is trying out the pirate look today. His right eye has gotten cloudier in addition to the periphal issues so he decided to try the patch. The eye expert is coming back to check him out later today.
We are moving forward with the neutrophil transfusion (also called granulocyte). This is a rare transfusion which is used to treat infections in patients whose bodies will not produce their own neutrophils. We are creating a list of potential donors with O+ or O- bloodtypes. These donors will go through a screening process to select the best match for Gary. The donor will get a shot to boost their white blood cells. The next morning blood will be collected through a special machine that filters out the needed cells. Gary will receive the cells within a few hours. As the new cells work in Gary's body to fight infections, Gary will probably feel sicker. This process is repeated with multiple donors over the course of a few weeks. He will need to remain here at U of M until the infection and fever get out of him.

Blood Donor Info- it looks like the Red Cross is most interested in O+ and O- male donors. Either the blood bank guys have something against females or the antigens created during pregnancy don't make them optimum donors. The first donor being screened was scheduled to donate blood last Monday but didn't make the appointment- God was saving his neutrophil rich blood for Gary. If this seems to work 12 donors could be used (3per week for 4 weeks) so we are continuing to pass along names of potential donors. If you are interested in being added to the list email Karen at, name address home and cell phone numbers are needed.


The Odell's said...

Gary and Tammy we are praying that this next procedure will help get rid of that infection fast so you can proceed with the transplant. Tammy anytime you need something just call and harass me!!!

Anonymous said...

More well wishes and prayers are on their way. Stay positive Gary. We are all thinking of you.
Love Ya,
The Wenner's

Anonymous said...

Do you have anything on under that blanket? Will you lose your eyebrow hair? Maybe you already have on one eyebrow - I just can't see it! Not your usual happy smile in your picture. Tammy needs to re-do that to ensure all of us that you are indeed doing okay.
Mrs. Wenner

Anonymous said...

Ahoy there matey! Seriously, thanks to all those neutraphil donors.

From his Colorado family.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, when you get better real soon, do not get attached to the eye patch.........I can already see you thinking about your halloween costome....!

Keep the faith - we are!!!
Mike (and virtual Gena)

Anonymous said...

Hi Gary,

Keep the Faith. Your wed morning group of guys are praying for you and lifting you up!

Prov 3:5,6


Anonymous said...

Gary -

You are definitely part of the HBD (Happenin' Bald Dudes) club. Although, with that patch, you can now be part of the H Pirate BD club. I will spread the word regarding the search for the 'O' blood type. Unfortunately, I am a A- (rare, but it doesn't help you at this time).

We are thinking and praying for you.

Se ya soon :)

Joe and Cherie

Go Blue in the tourney!!!!