Thursday, March 12, 2009

More Progress!

The doctor reported today that Gary's lungs have made remarkable progress- maybe even the most progress that he has seen in one day. He was able to sleep alot yesterday afternoon and in the evening. His platelet count was low in the evening so he received another platelet transfusion late last night.
WBC (white blood cells) went down to .3 this morning and ANC (infection fighters) disappeared again.
We moved to another room. After you are here for a while you learn the system. This room is much larger and easier to get around- same floor just down the hall.
I went home yesterday to a sparkling clean house and dinner on the counter. I haven't mentioned it in the blog lately but we really appreciate all of the help that we are receiving. So many people are stepping up daily to help us out, we couldn't do it without you!! I don't always know what to ask for but I like what is showing up!
Here's to another day of rest and increased blood counts!


Amy Rosenberg said...

More good news! That's great. I'm glad Gary got some good sleep, and his lungs made significant progress. And I'm so glad that the people around you are taking care of you and the kids, Tammy. The fact that you have such a great support system is really an indication of what wonderful people you and Gary are.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree to what Amy Rosenberg (whoever she is!) had to say. She put it in much better words than I could have.
Now, for my own words.........
Wrap your arms around your woman and give her a squeeze.
Love Ya,
Kris Wenner

kc said...

FABULOUS! Glad to hear things are turning around -- Prayers your way!

guess who!!! said...

One day at a time, one day at a time!!! Keep up the good fight, maybe someday you will get that blanket back!!!!

Name: Holly Bowne said...

Sounds like good sleep is key here. We'll pray you get the rest you need to keep on healin'!

Love and hugs,
The Bownes

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear about the good news! I'm certain it's the real reason we've had a three-day rally in the stock market. Gary - no pressure, but the world is counting on you! Thanks for the updates on the blog, it helps us stay informed while we're on the road. Keep pushing!! JD

Tim Burke said...

Gary - It's so great to check in with your blog to find you responding well to your treatment. Prayers are being answered - Way to go Tenacious G!

- Best, Tim