Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Well another day at U of M! The fever did decrease somewhat this morning but now seems to be increasing again. He is going for a bronchoscopy anytime - they were supposed to get him at 10am and it is now 11:10. They will take a sample of the mucus in his lungs to see what kind of fungus grows. After the procedure he will be put on a wide range antifungal medication to start killing the fungus. It can take several days to figure out exactly which medication is best so we are looking for the initial medication to help. The infectious disease experts came by but not really sure if they will recommend anything different.
I'm not sure if we have mentioned low calcium levels. He is taking calcium via IV and a few different types of calcium pills. The pills are so large I break them into quarters to be swallowed. Tests indicate that the low calcium levels are not due to kidney issues or parathyroid glands. They are probably from the chemo treatment. The symptoms of low calcium are muscle twitches and bone/joint pain. Gary's levels seem to fluctuate and he can tell when it gets low.
Gary's ANC increased to .3 today. Neutrophils fight infection and they weren't able to calculate them the last few days- we are happy to see an increase.


The Odell's said...

Glad to hear that you had some positive news today. Hope you get more as the day goes on. We have focused our prayers to get rid of the fever, when that happens we will focus on something else, not sure what, so they are coming constantly. Go Blue

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,

I haven't checked this in a while, and am sorry to hear about Gary's current struggles. You can count on our continued thoughts and prayers for not just Gary, but your whole family. Let's hope they find something effective soon. Also, I can't help but think you'll do better in Ann Arbor than Columbus... (insert tongue-out smiley here)

Dave (for the Rodier clan)

Anonymous said...

A little good news! Now let's hope they can figure out what medication will make his infection go away. Keep us posted.

Big hug!

Kim & Woody said...

Thank god for some good news! We can't support the football team, but there's no denying that UM hospital is one of the best. Thank you for keeping us in the loop - your family is in our thoughts and daily prayers. Best wishes! Take care!!