Friday, March 27, 2009

Go Go Gary!!!

There are good days and bad days- so far today has been a rough one in Rm 8A117. The neutrophils are on their way so it will turn around soon. Several mishaps have been occurring throughout the day that I am not going to write about but I will say an informed experienced nursing staff makes a difference. Fortunately Gary is busy concentrating on fixing up his body so the little blips are not bothering him.
They have arrived 7:00 pm Donor #3 volume 260cc in the lead yeah! Let's hope that bag is full of neutrophils!
7:10pm The infusion has been stopped. Gary has a fever and the doc wants to wait until it gets down to 100.4 or lower. Cooling blanket in place!! The blood doesn't expire until 9am tomorrow but lets hope it doesn't take that long. Did I mention that it has been a rough day??
10:00pm- Neutrophils are making their way into Gary after a stressful delay. The fever dropped to 98.3 and it isn't going up anymore tonight!!! The infusion will take about 4 hours with blood pressure taken every 15 minutes. After the infusion, blood pressure will be taken every 30 minutes for 4 hours. So much for a good nights rest!!
Let me explain Go Go Gary! I attend Sharing Hearts bible study at Northville UMC. A few weeks ago they did a prayer circle around me. I told Gary about it and he said what about me I am the one that is sick! So yesterday they came to U of M and did a special cheer GO GO GARY in the garden outside of his window. They had pom poms and the big signs in the photo above. He was able to go over to the window and watch them. He said that he felt a warm sensation come over him. God is at work.


Brian and Ainslie Groark said...
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Brian and Ainslie Groark said...

Sorry to hear it's been a rough day. Hang in there. We'll pray for Gary's fever to come down so that those neutrophils can do their job.

The Groarks

Anonymous said...

Praying for more neutrophils, less bugs, and lots of strength for the both of you.
The Swartz's

Anonymous said...

nice job with the daily updates Tammy! We're thinking of you guys. The Duntleys.

Name: Holly Bowne said...

Sleep well. Sweet dreams. Hopefully the rough day is over and tomorrow will only look up!

Holly & the Bownes

Deb Light said...

Thanks for the updates Tammy!Give Gary our love and tell him we are praying for him,you and your family too of course!

God Bless,
Deb Light

K said...

Hopefully you will be blessed with a smoother day today. Stay strong!

Love and prayers,
The Carlsons

gail said...

Sorry to hear about the rough day...hope today is so much better for you guys...It means so much to us all that you have this blog...thank-you for that! We keep on praying! Go Go Gary and the neutrophlis....lvU-'g'

Chris Lawler said...

You guys are incredible! Your continual positive attitude is amazing!

I think we all need to tell God now that this is enough. He needs to put his healing hand on Gary and be done with this.

It is time for Gary to come home!