Friday, March 6, 2009

Up and Down

The fever was down in the 100 range for most of the night. It started to creep up this morning and its now back to 103.1. We were happy to get temporary relief.
White blood cells dropped this morning to .5 and ANC .1. These are the disease fighters so they need to increase not decrease. Keep talking to God about that.
The doctors have identified one of the bugs in Gary and changed meds to kill it. They are going to be more strict with visitors in and out of the room- it is not a good bug to pass around. His outside vistors (that is you!) are also restricted until his white blood counts improve.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gary and Tammy!
We are always thinking about you and sending our prayers! Stay strong! I am going to try to talk Dean and Rich into matching your new hair style. Looks good.
Love, Ann

Anonymous said...

Hey Gar.
Make it a good day today. I see that you're up and typing away. Keep you your good spirits.
Kris Wenner

Anonymous said...

Hi guys. I just sent over a prayer request to our church's prayer team so you will be getting those numbers up and that fever down in no time at all.


Anonymous said...

I suppose we will have to call you DOCTOR Evil now. The bald head looks pretty good.
We are all still thinking of you and praying for you here at the office. Get rid of the fungus, and keep fighting.

John Fulton