Saturday, March 7, 2009

Making Progress

Hello Everyone,

I did not expect any of this.

Tammy has done a great job letting you know day to day stuff and sometimes hour by hour.

But, today I am going to tell you how my night was (Don't Worry It Will Stay Clean)

Tammy went home last night and I began to turn down:

Turn Down Procedure
Step 1: Doctor fixes a small leak at port removal site
Step 2: Get the three antibiotic drips and many drugs.
Step 3: Fever Returns 102.4 (Moving in the right direction)
Step 4: Receive Pain Medicine
Step 5: Labs at Midnight

After all this I did not sleep very well.

This morning has been less challenging.

Did the usual stuff (shower , breakfast) but is the unusual that is nerve racking:

- Meet with Hemo Dr at 6:00
- Meet with Infectious Di eases at 7:00

Here is today's plan.

1) Continue antibiotics and adjusting one
2) Stopping Anti-Fungal because it worked
3) Start New Anti Fungal to cover other stuff


1 Bag of Platelets
2 Units of Whole blood


I am worn out but continue to march forward with Tammy and God by our side to combat this.

Did you see the blog passed 10,000 hits, this means so much to Tammy and I that so many of you care and are sending us your prayers.

Thanks for checking in,



The Odell's said...

Hey Gary, I hope by you writing the blog this time that you are feeling somewhat better. Tammy said that the day goes by quickly with medical staff in and out of the room. We continue to pray that you will keep improving. Mikah is sitting here on the desk and I asked him if he wanted to say Go Blue and he said no, he wants to know if you want a big or small dinosar or a bigger one? Not sure what that means but that's what he said. Mikah wants to type you something. u3e222222oooooomxxxxxxxxuhhujhokliob
,l.lppp0p009 Take care prayers are being sent your way each day.

Anonymous said...

You, Tammy & the kids continue to be in our prayers every day. We hope you realize that you're teaching all of us some very important lessons in faith, patience and perseverance...
You will come out of this stronger than ever.

George and Jenny

Anonymous said...

Hi there. It was great to hear from you today. I hope that means you are feeling a little better. We're going to pull some extra strings for you tomorrow at church!


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are up to updating us on the blog! Tammy said you're feeling a little stronger, so our prayers are working just a little slower than we would like. Missed you at the game today....Scott's great passing and shooting led us to the big victory. Look forward to seeing you soon. Hang in there, you're an inspiration!

Dan & Karen

Fran said...

Hi Guys--
Today I spent the morning in Church instead of in Synagogue. The entire service was in Ukranian. I did not understand a single word---although the Priest was lovely. Our Synagogue is praying for your return to good health and today I made sure all bases were covered at the Ukranian Church. With all of the prayers you are receiving and all bases covered-- you just stay strong and we will do the rest! Fran

Anne Rewey said...

Hi Gary & Tammy.
Just checking in. Make sure you lysol that computer keyboard and mouse!!! You both are an inspiration to all of us and we pray each day that this will soon be a distant memory and you dont have to keep going back to OSU country!!! that's were all of those darn germs are coming from!!! keep strong and faithful - everyone praying for you from all over the country.