Monday, March 23, 2009


Today is the first Neutrophil transfusion. Gary is still fighting high fevers under the cooling blanket. The donor gave up the cells this morning and we are still waiting for them to arrive here in Gary's room.
5:00pm They just came in and did a type and screen- which checks Gary's blood type. Now really why do they have to do that- blood types don't change and if they don't have his blood type correct by now- we are in big trouble. The good thing is that a STAT type and screen means neutrophils are coming soon!!
7:05pm Here they come- the neutrophils are traveling into Gary. He is zonked out with premeds. Donor #1 had 248cc - let's see which donor can make the most neutrophils!! The transfusion process is scheduled to take 4 hours. So far so good!


Fran said...

Hoping that the neutrophills do their stuff! Praying for patience, strength and healing. Thinking of all of you, Fran

The Thibaudeaus said...

We keep all of you in our prayers as you continue on this journey to recovery. Keep the faith, and we know these neutrophils will do what they are supposed to do!

Love, Matt and Jeryl

Anonymous said...

So glad those neutrophils are flowing into you! Thinking of you guys.


kc said...

So glad progress is being made -- just picturing pacman -- Thoughts and Prayers - Kris

Anonymous said...

Hope the transfusion went well...hang in there, guys. More help is on the way!! (G is preparing to give you the best blood in town!!)J.