Monday, March 16, 2009

Biospy Completed

It's Tammy back again- Gary had a bone marrow biospy today so I will give him a break (in novice terms they take a chunk of bone about the size of an eraser on a pencil out of your hip bone) This is Gary's eighth bone marrow biopsy- it provides good information about how the disease is progessing. Due to the low blood levels, we are expecting the results to tell us that Gary's bone marrow is empty and not producing cells. There are several other possibilities but this is what we are expecting. If the marrow is not producing cells, there is no need for Gary to go through another round of chemo he will proceed directly to transplant. What does that mean we are not exactly sure.
Gary is pushing to be released from U of M on Tuesday- he is ready to come home. This will require lots of coordination among the many teams of specialists that monitor him daily. He will need to have his blood monitored frequently. Although his blood counts and fevers are not ideal for being sent home, they are not getting worse and the infections seem be under control.
We are anxious to see what tomorrow holds for us!


Jose Q. said...

Hey dear Gary...
Be patient, the moment to come back to home is near, but before maybe you can wait a few days more until a complete recovery, please, I hope you are not going to take any unnecessary risks.

You are in our prayers always

Anonymous said...

You must be so anxious to get back home. You need to do what is best for your recovery.
Looking forward to what today brings.
K. Wenner