Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bronch Done

The bronch procedure is done. They got the sample and Gary did well. We got down to the procedure area and his temperature disappeared- yeah! Don't get too excited it came back when he came back to his room. He was happy to get alittle relief for alittle while. I will be happy when he feels good enough to write his own updates- I'm an engineer not a writer!
He took his first dose of antifungal med- voriconazol. This drug has a side effect of hallucinations or visual disturbances. Gary is kinda looking forward to experiencing it. I am looking forward to it clearing up his infection.
He took a shower this afternoon and lots of hair came out. I will use the clippers to even it out tomorrow. He immediately put on a baseball cap. He will get used to it.
Have a good night.


Janel O'Connell said...

Hi Tammy and Gary, I think of you often and know he will conquer his health.

All the best-Janel O'Connell

Anonymous said...

Hey Gar Bear.......
Each day is a day closer to being able to go home. We hope that it is soon.
Love and Prayers,
The Wenner's

Fran said...

I hope that the medications begin to work quickly. Hair can and will grow back-- as upsetting as it is to lose. May Gary be restored to full health as quickly as possible. Sending healing prayers your way. Fran

Anonymous said...

For an engineer, you sure write a good letter. I bet Gary looks cool with that hat. My friend used to wear a hat that said "No hair day". It was actually cute.
Ok, all kidding aside, there is no one better at hanging on than you two. Prayers are coming right and left.
Let me know if I can do anything to help with the kids. I have been out of touch with you. Sorry.