Thursday, February 12, 2009

We didn't expect this!

Hello Everyone,

We got BAD news today, my tests from last Monday have shown that the Leukemia might have transformed into a more aggressive form.

So, around 2:45 pm today we were told to come down to OSU for surgery scheduled for earlier Friday morning. It appears that the transformed Leukemia has congregated in my right armpit lymph node. On Friday they are going to remove it.

Also, since the Leukemia appears to have transformed I will begin a very aggressive chemo next week.

We are upset but still have tremendous faith in GOD and I am confident that we will take control of the cancer and begin the Stem cell transplant.

We will keep you posted. We just ask that you continue to pray and ask for God to help my family deal with all this.

Thanks for checking in,


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