Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Feeling Better!

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday, I was not feeling good. It turns out my Hemoglobin was the lowest it has ever been. I received 1 unit of blood last night and another this morning and a third bag of platelets.

Here is what happened to me when my body was low on oxygen:
- Severe leg pain (Sciatic Nerve)
- Joint Pain (Knees, Hands)
- Stiff Jaw
- Chest Pains
- Shortness of breath (just with walking)
- High Blood Pressure
- Moderate Head Ache
- Overall Weak and Tired

It turns out that I was at the Hospital until past 9:00 pm, so, our neighbor and friend Dan Welch came and picked me up from U of M, so Tammy could be with the kids. We did not expect any of this to occur yesterday.

I am feeling a lot better and very Thankful to Dan for helping us out.

Late Breaking News: I start my next clinical study Feb. 23, 2009 at Ohio State University Medical Center. It runs Monday, Wednesday, Friday for 4 weeks. It will be a scheduling nightmare but I got to do it. We will tell you more as we find out.

Thanks for checking in,



CasaRivera said...
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CasaRivera said...

Great to hear you are feeling better! The team here is always asking about you, praying for a speedy recovery, they hope one day to have the honor of a personal visit from "El Gary". :) Big hug, Gus.

Fran said...

Sending strength your way. Looking forward to the beginning of your Clinical Trial. It might just do the trick!