Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day 3 at OSU... I'm Bored!

Hello Everyone,

I am really bored! I have been here since Wednesday and I am just a little bit bored!

So, let me tell you about my room! I actually have a nice private room on the 10th floor with about 14 x 20 sq ft so it is very big. It has a window that over looks downtown Columbus. I have a small 10" TV with a DVD player. There is a small refrigerator to hold drinks, etc. The bathroom is nice size with a bathtub/shower.

The people here are very nice and have been giving me wonderful care!

So, what kinda of Chemo are they giving me? I am getting a wonderful cocktail called R-Epoch which is a combination of six (6) drugs. It is infused in me over 96 hours which is why I have to stay in the hospital while I receive the chemo. The doctors believe the chemo should work well with my cancer and get me into a remission. The question is how many cycles will it take? I hope not many ... because it is very boring sitting in a hospital room.

So, not much to report other than I am feeling good, staying mentally strong, loving life, and missing my family!

Keep me in your prayers and thanks for checking in,



Fran said...

Thank goodness you feel well enough to be bored--but so sorry nothing exciting is happening. The thought of remission is pretty exciting! Will keep up with you and see how you are doing over the next 96 hours! Fran

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Bill would suggest using your downtime to catch up on all of you Buckeye history since you are in Columbus.:) Han in there and get well.


George & Jenny Kawwas said...

It took a while, but we FINALLY got your blog address! So glad things are looking up for you. We'll continue to pray for you, Tammy and the kids.

George & Jenny