Wednesday, February 18, 2009


We received the news today that the CLL has made a Ritchers transformation to Large Cell Lymphoma. In the cancer world, transformation is not a good thing but the drugs are available to get this under control and proceed to stem cell transplant. This transformation occurs only in about 3% of CLL patients.
Gary went to OSU this afternoon to be admitted into the hospital. The chemo treatment requires a 6 day inpatient stay. We don't know many more details. We are pretty sure that treatment will be more intense and longer than we had planned for straight CLL.
I am in sunny Florida with the kids for the week. Garys parents are in from Colorado doing the caregiver role while I am gone.
More news soon!


Deb Light said...

So sorry to hear this Tammy and Gary.Just know we are praying for Gary and your entire family.May God bring him through this setback.
Take care and enjoy sunny Flordia.

God Bless,

Anonymous said...

Just know that you guys are in our prayers. Miss you all.


Bonnie said...

A CLLC Friend here. I'm praying that Gary is able to defeat RT, a formidable foe!