Friday, February 20, 2009

Here I am at OSU ... Getting Chemo!

Hello Everyone,

So, you might have heard my Leukemia is misbehaving and has decided to turn into a lymphoma, Large Cell also known as Richters Transformation. Typically, you don't want this to occur because the Large Cell is much more aggressive than plain old CLL which is what I started with.

So, what to do? Ok if you have lemons you make lemonade if you have oranges you make orange juice and if you have both you get the best of both worlds. I have both lemons and oranges meaning CLL and Large Cell Lymphoma.

So, we are attacking the Large Cell Lymphoma and the CLL at the same time with an intense chemo treatment called R-Epoch.

R-Epoch introduces a few new drugs I have not had and runs for about 5 days straight. Literally, I am on a constant stream of medicine 24 hours a day. I should be going home on Tuesday next week. The nurses tell me the treatment is well tolerated but of course the first day I threw up. So, much for well tolerated.

My doctor expects that I will complete at least two cycles of R-Epoch with a 21 to 28 day cycle time. If she thinks I can get additional benefit by doing more that 2 cycles we will make that decision after cycle 2.

Finally, the same goal is to get me into transplant "Cure" which is still a big reality and very foreseeable.

Bottom Line
We had a setup back with the large cell. But, I am not whining, it can always get worse and by the grace of God I feel relatively well. I am actually feeling up to riding the stationary bike today. Yesterday, I had a heart stress test and did great, no heart problems!

I am working on my computer and bothering my work colleges who all tell me not to worry and just get better. Funny thing is I like working and feel I am out of the loop when I don't work. I feel work is therapeutic for me. I just wish I could do more. I really appreciate my collegues at work who have all stepped up while I deal with this cancer.

I will overcome this cancer and by this time next year will be celebrating life with all you!

Please, keep me in your prayers because God is the greatest healer and only through him will I truly be cured and saved.

Thanks for checking in,


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duntleys said...

Gary-stay strong. We miss you here and look forward to having you well again. Love ya, Rich and Amy