Monday, February 23, 2009

Day 5 at OSU - Almost Done!

Hello Everyone,

I am sitting here working on my computer and have less than a day left in the hospital. I am very glad to be getting out of here tomorrow.

Health News

I spoke to the doctors this morning and they are all encouraged with the response to the medicine so far! I still have a ways to go but it initially appears that the treatment is performing as expected.

Another nice piece of news!

I will be able to receive treatments at UofM in the coming weeks, which will make it a lot easier on my family and I. My doctors here at OSU will be working with UofM and coordinating my care.

It is really amazing how well the doctors work together!

I still feel pretty good and have been able to workout on the stationary bike.

Keep up the prayers because I really feel that God is listening!

Thanks for checking in,



Bonnie said...

Hi Gary,
So glad to hear you're responding well to treatment and that it can be done closer to home!

BJ said...

Hey--The Rabbi at Temple Sinai added you to the prayer list. So every Friday night at sundown prayers will be heading your way. Glad you're feeling better. BJ

Anonymous said...

Great news! My church added you to the prayer list -- ongoing -- so you are covered in Chicago!!