Friday, February 27, 2009

Bubble Boy

Well we are into what Gary's calls our Bubble Boy phase. His blood tests yesterday showed an ANC (Absolute Neutr0phil Count) of .1. Neutrophils are the things that help you to fight infections- ANC less than 2.0 you need to be careful so at .1 well its Bubble Boy Time. The kids go through a complete sterilization process when they get in the house :)
He is still pretty tired and achy, we are hoping to see improvement in the next few days. He finally slept last night with the help of some pain killers and Ambien. He is hesitant to take them but I encourage him to do what it takes to get through these rough days. He is not going to become addicted to them in just a few days. He has lost 13 pounds and finds it difficult to eat with mouth sores. I tried to get him outside yesterday for a short walk in our balmy 40 degree weather and he said "I am exhaused just sitting here" and took a hot bath instead. One day at a day at a time


Slandy said...

We are thinking about you guys - let us know if you need anything! Go Lakers (Novi Lakers)! The Landys

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog updates - we think about you guys all the time. We continue to pray for you. Keep up the fight and positive attitude. We miss you all!
Brian & Ainslie