Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Last Piece

Hi. It is Hannah (Gary's Daughter). It has been about three weeks from the worst thing in my life and I thought I should start writing down things about my dad. It is really hard to write down memories because I miss his love and everything so much it makes me so sad to think about it. I want to tell everyone this one story though.
Okay, anyways it was the night after the funeral. Me, Aunt Patti(dad's sister), and Uncle Kelly( brother in law) were doing a puzzle (to keep everything off our mind. It really works actually.) and it was like I think 1000 pieces and our family had been working on it for a few months. Even before my dad got in the hospital. Anyways we had all the pieces in the puzzle, but one of the pieces were missing. It has kinda been a game in our family to be the one with the last piece of the puzzle. I think dad started the game in which all of us end up hiding a puzzle piece in our pockets so we can put in the last piece. So we had worked so hard to get the puzzle done and then we can't find this one stupid piece. So I yelled to my mom and said something like "Have you seen the last puzzle piece?" and we looked everywhere. Finally for some reason she told me to look in her hospital bag. It turns out it was in there!!!! My dad had gotten the last piece! Nobody knows how the piece got in the bag but I think my dad had something to do with it.
Thats the story I wanted to tell. Me, my brothers, and my mom will keep more stories about my dad before and after death. It is a really rough time at the Lathams but we are trying to Stay strong and hopefully things will get a little bit better. Keep reading. Thanks for all the support.
Love you all,

Hannah xoxoxo


Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah!

I really liked the story you wrote about the puzzle piece. Even though your dad is in heaven don't think of him as the missing puzzle piece because he isn't missing. He's in your heart and soul. I'm glad you are remembering the good memories and then putting away the bad ones. i love you so much!

Katelyn Henry (:

kc said...

what a great story, Hannah! We are all praying for you and your family -- I bet your dad is laughing about the puzzle peice!

Lexie said...

that storry bout the puzzle piece is really sweet, i agree with kaitlyn. he is not missing, he is always with u. I luv u like no other, stay strong.

luv, lexie

kyljoy said...

Hi Hannah (and family),

That's a fantastic story and I'm so interested in reading more about the Lathams! You are one special family! Just know that you have a lot of fans and friends who will help you be strong if you need support. Take care and be well.

Kyle Johnson

Amy Rosenberg said...

That's a lovely story, Hannah. I'm thinking of all of you every day. I hope you do keep writing stories about your Dad on this blog, so we can all remember him and what a wonderful guy he was.


Anonymous said...

Hi hannah,
Arid and I just heard about your dad. We are so sorry to hear this sad news. We are here if your family needs anything!

Melissa and arid

Anonymous said...

aHi Hannah,

We loved your story about the missing puzzle piece and I bet your Dad is having a good chuckle about how you found it! Writing your stories is a wonderful way to remember your Dad, so keep writing. It helps us remember him too. We love your family.

Sue and Alan

gail said...

Hi Hannah....LOVED your story..isn't it fun to tell stories about the people you love...that is the 'thing' about NEVER dies...NEVER...both of my siblings have died and my daughter and I never have stopped talking about them or telling their know that they are always around thanks for telling your Dad's makes us all feel are a doll!!!! lv-gail pawl

Name: Holly Bowne said...

Hannah--that was an AWESOME story! I loved that! I just read it out loud to Joshua and Ashleigh. Thanks so much for sharing your memories with us.

I was listening to this song today and I wanted to share it with you guys. Here's the link to a YouTube version:

Love and hugs,
The Bownes

Lee-Ann said...

Hi Hannah,

Thanks for sharing the puzzle story. We love puzzles too and we have a contest for the last piece too. (but I laughed over hiding the last piece - I'll have to remember that).

Keep telling the stories Hannah. I'll bet your dad was laughing over this one.

We're praying for you and your family. We're here if you need us. James, Lee-Ann, Kadi, Michael & Nicholas.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that Hannah. That brought a smile to my face this morning. Your family is constantly on our minds.

David Phillips

Anonymous said...

Hannah, I call this story a "God Wink". God Winks are all those things that we, as mere humans, claim to be a coincidence. But, when we 'do on earth as it is in heaven' nothing is a coincidence. I believe that heaven is always around us even though it is invisible to our eyes, and that our loved ones in heaven are always leaving us little messages or miracles. We just have to be ready to receive them. These signs were given to me, too, in subtle ways after my sister died. I still look for them!! So happy to see you write along side your brother, Scott. Sending you both a big squeeze and one for Craig and your Mommy, too!!

Love, Mrs. E

Anonymous said...

Hi hannah
great story. so many of us think about your family each and every day. we pray for your strength. you are such a special family and your dad will continue to give you love and strength each and every day.
the Rewey family