Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What's Happening

Hello blogers this is Scott again. My family is crying tears of joy for my dad or at least I am.
He shouldn't had died he did nothing wrong. He was a fighter. Now we are going to the funrile home today to see my dad. He was a great loss and a really good friend to some of you. We are staying strong and trying not to cry that much. So we are now 1 day befor the sad event. I hope you people keep reading and I will update every day.


Anonymous said...

Your words are so comforting to all of us Scott, please keep writing. You are being so brave. All of your friends and their parents will be here to help you and your family.

Mrs. Thibaudeau

kc said...

Scotty -- it's ok to cry - I still cry for my dad sometimes and I am 44! Daddy's are hard to lose -- but I will tell you that Daddy ALWAYS lives in your heart! And Mommy is there for you too!

Anonymous said...

Scotty, I know it is hard to see right now because you are so sad, and miss your Dad, but remember the things he taught you . . . you will see how many people loved your Dad and you can be proud of him for the great man he was. Remember he will always be there in your heart, and will always be looking out for you from above. You can still talk to him and know that God is taking good care of him now. You will see him again some day in Heaven.

Anonymous said...

Scott, your strength and words are a great tribute to your dad. I'm sure he is so proud of you--bragging to all the other angel dads up in heaven.

Anonymous said...

Hello Scott, my name is Janel & I coached volleyball with your Dad and in that short time he and your Mom were a BIG influence to me, I will always stay more positive because of them.

That's nice that you will continue to write. Your writing will help you but also all of us reading your thoughts and feelings. Our hearts ache for you during this time.

-Sincerely, The O'Connells

Lee-Ann said...
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Lee-Ann said...

We look forward to reading more as you feel up to sharing more.
We're here for you and are praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Scott,
It really is okay to cry. Your dad knows how much you loved him. Funeral homes are a place for you to let out the sadness. You will be surrounded by people who love you and care for you. They will be sad too and will be crying right along with you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Scotty.
I am sure that today was extremely hard on you. You are such a brave and strong boy.
We are leaving St. Louis in 30 minutes and will see you tomorrow. Let Hannah know that Mrs. Wenner is on her way!!
Lots of Love my friend.

Anonymous said...

Dear Scotty,

I am so sorry to hear about your dad. I just heard about it this morning. My family will be thinking & praying for you. Sorry again.

Your friend,
Jack Krill

Anonymous said...

Scott and family,
It is so healthy and right to cry, and remember, and each day feel a little more joy about what you were lucky enough to have.

I lost both parents as a child and I know this loss will change your life...but in some ways you can't imagine you'll have a legacy that will make your life even better.

I hope you keep blogging, it helps us all and hopefully the Latham family most of all to know how many people care.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Scott,

I had spoken with you briefly today. I wanted to say more, but you have a lot to absorb right now. So, here is something more to think upon.....

Based on your dad's funeral being at a Christian church, I assume he trusted in the gospel promises that Jesus has given us. This is the greatest - the only! - comfort that comes at a time like this.

We will all die one day. Some die earlier than others. In a world filled with sin, that tragically happens. It is never easy.

But our confidence at death is that we have a Savior who suffered and died to pay for our sins. With his holy life, Jesus provided the holiness we need to enter heaven. Jesus also rose from the dead to show us that death does not have the last word. Jesus does. He lives; therefore, all who believe in him will rise from the dead to live forever too.

Your dad awaits the resurrection on the Last Day. Even now, his soul enjoys the blessings of heaven. There is no cancer there. No sorrow. No pain. Nothing bad. This is what we all want. Thanks to Jesus, your dad has it; and no one can ever take it away from him.

That is what Easter guarantees us. For us, it is a promise that we trust in. For your dad, it is now a reality. This is your comfort. Not tears and not even death can take away Jesus' promises.

My family and I will keep on praying for you. God bless you.

Rev. Thomas E. Schroeder
Good Shepherd Evangelical Lutheran Church, Novi
(Bobcat football coach)

Anonymous said...


You are doing a great job with your writing. Your Dad would be so proud of you. Keep up the good work.

We love you and your family.

Dr. and Mrs. Brown (Alan & Sue)

Anonymous said...

My son Kendrik and I have said a prayer for your family and your dad.
I do not know you and your familys beliefs. But I do know that your father is always there with you, your mom, brother and sister.
If you belive just know you always have a angle watching over you.

The Scherer Family

Anonymous said...


Stay strong! WE all are here for you whenever you need us! Even though your dad is up in heaven now, you will always be with you in your heart! Your dad was a special man and was not meant to leave you, but god just happened to need him for a speical task. YOu did a great job with your speach yesterday! My family will alwys be praying for you and your family! Love always!

Tammy Lee said...

Baby, you are a breath from heaven. If I knew your daddy as a young boy I am sure I would be looking at him when I see and hear you. Writing is one of the best ways to get through grief, so someone gave you excellent advice. When you are scared and don't know what to write, ask God to tell you and read your Bible. He will show you what to write and what He needs you to know. No one has cried more than Jesus. You and your Daddy were created for Him. I am sure that your Daddy and Jesus are sharing warm hugs and a few jokes right now. But, I know for sure that Jesus told him, "Well done My good and faithful servant...well done."

With warm embraces,
Mrs. Tammy Egner

Deb Light said...

Praying for you and your family Scotty.I have CLL too.I know your dad must have suffered alot while here on earth so just know he is in Heaven free from pain.You will be reunited with him someday and then you will have eternity to spend with him!

Stay strong for your mom and your brother and sister.I think you are doing an amazing job writing on the blog.Please keep it up!

God Bless,
Debbie Light

Anonymous said...

Your family has touched so many by your courage and strength. We are saddened by the loss of Gary and your family are in our thoughts and prayers
The Smiths
Rob, Diana, Matea and Savion

Anonymous said...

Scott, Hi I'm Hannah's friend. Right now, if your dad was still with us, he would want you to do the same thing he has been doing for a very long time...Fight, Fight, Fight. Never give up! He was a very strong man and he is always going to be with you...Stay strong Latham family, were all here for you. We always have been!

Love, Olivia Ghannam

Fran said...

Words can not adequately express how hard it is to live far away and not be able to help your family. All of you have been blessed by so many meaningful connections to people in your church, schools, sports teams and place of work. Gary had the ability and opportunity to touch so many lives in so many important ways. Thank you so much for the updates---we are here for you.