Friday, April 3, 2009

Positive Attitude

We had a chat late this afternoon with Gary's regular hemonc doctor- the one that he sees in clinic and we trust. She was very concerned about Gary's condition tonight- his breathing is labored, blood pressure high, fevers continue, etc. They dr team feels that Gary's pneumonia is getting worse without much chance of improving. Without his own neutrophils and a very resistant bacteria, we are in a difficult place.
The drs kinda recommended stopping the neutrophil transfusion for this evening. Gary kept asking when am I going to get the blood. Gary's sister arrived from Denver this afternoon and we decided to go on with the transfusion. Donor #6 volume 253cc- they are going to work hard in those lungs.
Gary is restless but his overall happy self making jokes which we do not always understand.
I decided that the kids needed to visit him this evening. We are not sure how his condition will change in the next few days. All he could talk about his having a pizza party with big Cokes. None of us were hungry so I ordered one from food service for him. It arrived and he said this was not what I was expecting. I think we will have a big pizza party with him tomorrow with pizza from Pizza House or Cottage Inn.
We also moved to room #4 at the hospital. A large double room that Gary has all to himself.
God is surrounding our family with his love and lots of angels which seems to arrive at just the right moment.
The bone marrow could decide to recover at any time- the time in now the time is tonight. Keep the faith- God has a plan!


Anonymous said...

We absolutely still have faith! Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you, keep fighting!

Love, Matt and Jeryl

Anonymous said...

Your strength is inspiring. Please know you have all of our prayers. May God guide you through this challenging time.
We love you,
Dan and Karen

kc said...

Tammy -- wish I could help -- you and Gary are the two strongest people around -- Keep the faith -- Praying this donor's neutraphils will be the difference. Gary -- cool idea to have a pizza party! Thinking of you all --

The Odell's said...

We are all praying that Gary's neutophils kick in and this pneumonia goes away. Tell Gary that I will bring him a frosty when we get back. Keep fighting, keep the faith. Way to be persistent Tammy. Mikah would say GO BLUE Mr. Latham, however today I think we are saying GO GREEN. Even Gary said he is going to be cheering for the other color tonight!!!

Love you guys, The Odell's

Anonymous said...

We are praying like crazy and have asked that the church prayer ministry team do some extra praying today for Gary. We love you guys.


Anonymous said...

Keep the faith, and we will all keep the prayers coming. You know the Lord is always working for you!

We love you both,
Mark and Karen

Anonymous said...

Gary / Tammy,

Gary rememeber you are not fighting alone. God has a plan for you and you have an army of people praying for you. Keep up the good fight. It won't be long and we will be taking in a afternoon game at Comerica Park.

Always in our prayers!
Matt and Karen Seltz

Anonymous said...

Keep the faith. We are all praying for you guys. Your positive attitude is making a tremendous difference.

Love, George and Jenny

Anonymous said...

We continue to pray for Gary's recovery. Your strength is amazing and inspiring. Keep it up!

The Agnellos

pquitiquit said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
The Quitiquit Family

Anonymous said...

You guys are in our prayers and thoughts continuously. Keep up your positive attitude, we truly believe it makes a difference.

Love, John and Vassoula

Anonymous said...

We are praying for you for strength through this time. Keep the faith! Love, The Wheelers - Tim, Tina, Grant, and Katie

Anonymous said...

A PIZZA PARTY IT IS! We are going to do the same. I wish that we had a Cottage Inn here. We are all rallying for you Gary. Keep the faith.
The Wenner's

Brian and Ainslie Groark said...

Your strength and faith are inspirational. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers and we know that God's loving presence is with you.

The Groark Family

Anonymous said...

We're still praying and still believing!! We're praying that God is giving you all a big hug right now and wrapping you in His arms.
Love you,
Cory and Michelle

Anonymous said...

Hope you all feel wrapped in the strength and support of unending prayers!

With love, Karen & Eric Roth

Anonymous said...

Keep up the fight. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Geoff and Jess and the boys.

Anonymous said...

I love that about Gary, he always knows how to enjoy everything life has to offer. Now that I'm back in town I am looking forward to getting some Thai lunch together, what was the good soup day? And keep that positive attitude! A pizza party, what a great idea, I wish I could join in, will have to do my best to participate tonight with my family from here!

We love you both so very much,
Gus & Sandra

Anonymous said...

You all will miss Gary so much. I can only imagine the heartache. What an amazing family you are pulling together like you did and doing everything possible. Your Dad knows what it feels like to be truly loved. What an admirable fight he put up. Your Dad has shown you how strong his spirit is. That spirit will remain with you forever.

Jean Cole & family