Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pulling the Picc! (again)

Here we go again! Another bug was found I just didn't realize that Gary was so buggy! So our friend the pic line has to go :( No changes in meds yet. His fevers continue and very especially rough throughout the night. Blood pressure has had some serious spikes but they tell us that it is beter than low blood pressure. The spikes seem to go along with the fevers.
Another chest cscan this morning- still seemed pretty full of stuff.
He just had an ultrasound of his legs to check for blood clots- the tech thought they looked fine. Med lesson: veins carry blood toward the heart vs arteries which carry blood away from the heart- I know I learned that in some science class long ago.
Platelets bumped to 36 If we could only figure out why/how did he get such a great increase in platelets- they have not been this high in a long time. We are told that fevers eat platelets but he did continue to have fevers even up to 104 all night???? FYI- normal platelet levels are 150-300.
Another neutrophil transfusion tonight--- how will Donor #5 rate?? or how many stops will the cabbie make this time??

7:00 pm Neutrophils started volume 253cc for donor #5. Pray for the fevers to stay under control. Hospital protocol states that blood transfusions must be stopped if fever changes 1.8 degrees. Gary is getting close to that- this is when a intelligent decision needs to be made instead of textbook- he has been spiking fevers for the last 4 weeks we know that it is not related to the transfusion so just let it continue!!!


Anonymous said...

Enough of the bugs already. It's time for a break ... so, come on, Donor #5 and Cabbie #3!!

Gary, hang in there. You're doing great! You, too, Tammy :)

Love and Prayers,
The Carlsons

Anonymous said...

We're all pulling for you Gary! I'm sorry I couldn't donate, I just talked to the doc and found out that my recent trip to India disqualified me..:( but I did get a list of eager donors (that haven't been to malaria infested 3rd world countries recently) in case they're needed.


Pat and Annette said...

Gary and Tammy,
We're storming heaven with our prayers.
The LaFave's

Anonymous said...

Where are these bugs coming from!!!! I think we need to start screening everyone who enters his room. All buggy nurses, techs, and docs need to stay far away. I'll bring my germicidal disinfection to kill all those pathogenic micro organisms. :)

Saying our prayers in Denver.

Fran said...

Those pic lines tend to get bugs! Good thing the neutraphills are doing their thing! You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers every day. Keep fighting! Fran

kc said...