Thursday, April 2, 2009

Neutrophil Batch #5

After transfusion #5 WBC 3.2 ANC 2.9. For those that are into the competition of comparing donors- I have to say that Donor #5 was jipped they threw away 10% of the cells. Some crazy blood bank rule due to his increase in temperature. I don't care what they say I will not be convinced that the increase in temp was due to the transfusion but just a typical rise in temp that we have seen again and again the last few weeks.
His breathing is more labored today - which we think is due to those neutrophils eating away at the infection. He is getting a higher level of oxygen with a face mask now instead of tube in nose. It will help him to breathe more comfortably.
They were able to put in two new iv's yesterday- we really need 3 with all of the medication that he is getting. The iv team will be back later to try for one more.
He started IVIG transfusions last night. It will put antibodies in his system to help boost his immune system. Another product that comes from blood donors taken from plasma in blood.
I have the lights off and shades drawn- he needs some sleep.


Anonymous said...

I'm am thinking of you and praying for strength for both you and Gary. Keep the faith--Gary will recover soon!

Cathy Agnello

Anonymous said...

Are you considered an 'in patient', Tammy? Have you gotten your own bed? Do you get to order your meals? Are you wearing a hospital gown?
You both are in our prayers and hearts. We love you.
The Wenner's

Anonymous said...

Tell Gary to some rest! I know how badly he needs it! You both are always in our prayers! Call me if you need anything!

kc said...

It's time for you to take a nap too -- Thinking of you often.

Anonymous said...

Let's go Gary!
We're pulling for you - keep strong
You too Tammy!


Pat and Annette said...

Cole had IVIG in January and it sure did the trick. We're praying the same for Gary!
Pat and Annette

Robin said...

Wow, Tammy, what a medical education we're getting. We continue to pray for all of you, and we're rooting for all the neutrophils. Fight, fight!! We need you home.
John & Robin Darnbrook

Anonymous said...

I pray that you both have a restful night tonight and that tomorrow you will feel a bit better.