Monday, May 4, 2009

OMG SHOES!!!!!!!

Hey Everyone,
This is Craig, the best son, and from what i hear we are still writing in the blog and it is my turn. So what i am going to write as my memory or story about my dad is quite a funny one. I think. Its about the time my Dad bought the best pair of shoes, in his mind that is. :)
So it was a Saturday and my dad realized that he needed a new pair of shoes. So we go to Dick's which is probably the only place that we go to get shoes. O, just clearing up for you disgusting people we went to Dick's SPORTING GOOD'S :). so we all then helped him pick out a good pair. And after countless hour we picked out some Adidas Shoes. (I wear those shoes now)
We got home and my dad decided that he wanted to go on a family walk with his NEW SHOES. If you don't know when you buy a pair of shoes, you usually wear around the house to break into them. My dad was so excited about the shoes he made us keep walking around the 4 mile square near our house.
It took us about 1 hour to do that walk, which is a pretty long time for a walk. I think it was good for him because he didn't walk for another two days because his feet were sore. They were so big. I just laughed at him the whole time. :)
Well that's my funny story/memory with my dad. Hope it was a good one. Well gtg(In text Lang. means GOT TO GO). See you guys when i see you. Later.


Anonymous said...

Hey Craig!
I remember hearing something about that walk! I can't believe you can fit into his shoes now!

Sharing stories about your Dad are wonderful and helpful! I know you miss him very much!! We do too! Keep sharing.
Ann Moening

kc said...

Craig -- I just love your story -- some people just can't wait to wear those new shoes, even if it causes them all that pain! I bet you have nice, comfy shoes, since he broke them in for you! Keep writing! Thinking of all of you often!

Anonymous said...

Hi Craig,

Thanks for sharing. I'm letting the folks at work know that you posted. We all care deeply about you guys. Take care.

David Phillips

Anonymous said...

Hi Craig!
Alan and I enjoyed reading your story about your Dad and his shoes!You have so many wonderful stories to think of about your Dad. Keep writing when you can. We can't believe how you can wear your dad's shoes and you are growing so tall! Your Dad was a wonderful person and we sure miss him.
Alan and Sue Brown

Lee-Ann said...


Thanks so much for sharing the story about the shoes. I think we've all done that with a pair of shoes. I think it's really cool that you're wearing those shoes now. Keep sharing the stories! We're still praying for all of you!

Anonymous said...

Too funny! Just like him to get soooo excited. Miss you, see you soon. BJM

Anonymous said...

That was a really cute story.

Anonymous said...

And why are you the BEST son Craig? The shoe story was funny but the best part is that you are wearing your dad's shoes. He would love to know that I am sure. They are put to good use. Hey I have shopped at Dick's Sporting Goods! What about the people who shop there?
Mrs. Lazar