Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Latest Plan!

Hello Everyone,

To keep everyone up to date here is the latest news! Hot Off The Press!

1) My doctor is taking me off the clinical study at Ohio State University, it seems the drugs do not agree with my platelets

2) I have started Steroid treatment for the next 4 days, this will help the platelets and reduce the lymph nodes

3) I will start chemo again in Mid - January, this will clean up my bone marrow so I go into transplant with the lowest amount of cancer. Better Success with less Cancer!

4) It looks like I will go in to the Stem Cell Transplant in March! :) The Cure!

We will post more on each topic as I progress!

I want to continue to thank everyone for all the support and prayers I have been receiving. I feel like I am rounding the 4th corner of a race with the last lap still ahead of me. At least I can start to get a feel for the finish line (Leukemia Free)!

My family and I know we have a hard six months ahead of us but know the reward is worth it!

I look forward to the day that I can face life without the prospect of Leukemia. :0)

Keep Checking In,


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