Sunday, January 18, 2009


Hello Everyone,

We made it back to Novi but it was cold. I had to rest a few days after taking the steroids but I am feeling better.

I must tell you, if you never have to take steroids be happy because they really mess you up. I took the steroids for 4 days and it literally has taken me an additional 4 days to feel normal. I have lost my sense of taste, felt tired, achy, light headed, etc. but with each day that passes it becomes less and less. I hope that by Sunday I am back to my old self.

Scott turned double digits on Friday! We cannot believe that our baby is 10 WOW!

Well, I am trying to stay warm so I am going to go get a hot cup of tea.

Thanks for checking in,



Anonymous said...

Hi guys! I can't believe little Scottie is 10! Glad to hear you made it through yet another long winter drive. I hope you're feeling a little better today. Stay warm!
Lynn (Brown)

Anonymous said...

So, you think that you can be strong and warm in 10 degree weather? Take care...and, enjoy your tea. Best wishes!! Kim (George)