Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dec. 23 - Last Chemo for 2008!

Hello Everyone,

Well, got the last Chemo for 2008 yesterday! It was Great! Ha Ha

Actually, the chemo was pretty easy but the platelet transfusion was a bit tricky. I reacted notice the picture and all the hives that appeared on my lovely face. Well, they went away as quickly as the came out. The doctors jumped all over it and shot me up with 3 meds. I left the hospital looking as lovely as I walked in.

My neighbor Steve Olsen was the greatest he drove us down to Columbus Ohio on Monday afternoon and when we got there to what to my wonder eyes did he have was a full blown dinner. See second picture!

We ended up watching the Bears vs. Green Bay (Bears won in OT 20-17) Actually a fun night.

We got started the next morning bright and early and made it over to the hospital at 7:30 am. We thought we were going to get out of the hospital by 3:30 but the doctors did not like my platelet levels so after the chemo they gave me 5-1 pack of platelets (five peoples platelets in one pack). Well, I had a reaction to the platelets (see picture) which slowed us down. We were in Steve's SUV at 6:00 pm.

Of course, the weather did not cooperate and Steve had do drive home in freezing rain, black ice, and finally snow. We were making good time until we hit I75 and a massive traffic jam. We ended getting home at 11:15 pm! We were both tired.

I tell you before you volunteer you better make sure your driving skills in winter weather are updated based on the last two drives back from Columbus.

Well, I don't go back until Jan. 5 and will be with my Mother for the week I have to spend down there! I get to come back Jan. 10. They are going to be adding a new drug to the regiment and they want to see the effects of the combination of the two chemo drugs. Good news the initial test results of Day 1 came back and the drug did what the researchers were expecting (killing cancer cells).

I want to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year! :) I will be spending Christmas with people I love very much, Tammy, Craig, Hannah, and Scott, My Beautiful Family!

Thanks for checking in,

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