Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Back to OSU!

Hello Everyone,

Well, we got mixed news yesterday!

The Good News!

The bone marrow biopsy showed that cancer has been reduced from 70% to 10% in the bone marrow. Since, I have had only 2 chemo rounds to reduce the cancer in the marrow we are very happy!

The Not So Good News!

Although, the current chemo I am taking is working in the marrow it is not working in the lymph nodes. So, what to do! Go Back To OSU (Ohio State University).

We are being encouraged to participate in a clinical trial being conducted at OSU. We will be meeting with our old friend, Dr. Byrd within the next week to discuss it. So, good bye U of M hello OSU!

Overall I am still feeling OK! Over the past weekend I did experience some low grade fevers but it turned out to be nothing. Of course to be safe I was given chest x-ray, blood tests, and antibiotics. I did not realize that people who's immune system is completely screwed up, like mine, can have a low grade fever with no other symptoms and die because of a rampant infection. So, we take any type of fever pretty seriously now.

My platelets are still low but the bone marrow biopsy showed that due to the chemo my manufacturing capacity has been lowered. Over time I should start producing more. We just need to watch it.

I realize there is a lot here but I thought everyone would like to know what is going on!

My spirits are high, my sister, Patti, is in town visiting, and my family is doing well. Overall, I am a happy man and trust in God to provide.

Thanks for checking in,


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