Friday, June 13, 2008

The Return of the "Incredible Hulk"

Hello Everyone,

Do I look Green like the "Incredible Hulk"!

You probably guessed it and yes I am now on Steroids!

Not your common garden variety but Heavy Duty Man Size Steroids for the next month!

The goal is to lower the lymph nodes swelling and raise the platelets. In the process I can become:

  • Huge like the Hulk :)
  • Jittery
  • Not able to sleep
  • Large not hulk variety but wide (fat)
  • etc., etc.

I am happy to be on Steroids because they work and work fast!

We met with our OSU (phone) and UofM (visit) doctors and they want to do this for a month.

After that we are going to re-evaluate and decide what to do next...

This is all good news if you weren't sure. Also, we get to take our vacation in mid-July!

I am getting close to transplant time and speaking of that we have expanded the search, so a donor is probably within the next two months.

On the Family Front

Hannah had her 11th birthday today and is very excited about all her presents.

All the kids are out of school and Summer is here! :)

I will keep you posted on the "Hulk" process and the transplant stuff!

Thanks for checking in...


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