Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Steroids Are Working!

Hello Everyone,

Yes, the Steroids are working! I just got done taking 4 days worth and basically all my visible lymph nodes are normal size! It is simply amazing that these little pills can basically wipe out months of swelling.

I now get a few days off of the Steroids and then start back up for another 4 days worth. Our goal is simply to blast the cancer out of the lymph system. I will repeat this 4 day on/off cycle two more times.

We are making progress! And my overall health is improving! :)

I have to do this until mid July when we will evaluate my overall (Bone Marrow, Blood, Lymph Nodes) progress.

The ultimate goal is to get into the stem cell transplant process and cure this ugly beast of Leukemia.

I look normal and feel good! I am having a good start to summer and hope that each of you are enjoying yours!

Take care and thanks for checking in,



CasaRivera said...

Don't worry Mr. Hulk, we still like you even when you're angry! Sorry couldn't resist. :-D

Name: Holly Bowne said...

That's great news, Gary! God bless! Love, The Bownes

JoseKingJ said...

That is really a very good news,keep the spirit ,you are always on our prays.