Saturday, March 8, 2008

Treatment 9 to a Cure

Howdy Partners,

Treatment 9 done and over! Ok, my blood numbers are basically what they were when I started. So, the way I figure it they should only get better from here on out.

Some of you might have been noticing that I am not shaking hands or giving out kisses (Ha Ha) anymore. The reason is that I can catch a cold much easier than the normal person. A side effect of the DRUGS, see my rapid defense immune system is on siesta ("nap" for you non-Spanish speaking individuals).

So, what is the proper protocol when greeting Gary? Well, I would prefer everyone bow and then kneel down but that might be a bit over the top, so, how about we just say “Howdy Partner” (Ha Ha). Really it is pretty easy, just greet me the same way you always do and I will remember to tell you I can’t shake hands.

Life is pretty good right now, I was able to coach Craig’s basketball team, and (OK, actually Dan Welch coached and I took notes. THANKS DAN), I coached Hannah’s basketball team (I really did! Ok, Todd Statezny coached and I took notes. THANKS Todd), and I setup the PowerPoint at the Green Gala (I Did!).

Everyone thanks for everything! Keep the comments coming!

Stay Happy and Enjoy Life!


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