Monday, March 10, 2008

Treatment 10 to a Cure!

Hello Everyone,

Treatment 10 complete! We had a bit of good news today my blood numbers got better. :)

I decided to allow the nurse today to put the IV in my arm. I am a bit funny about the place where they poke me. Normally, I let them use my hands but lately (actually 4 out of the last 5 times) they have had to poke me twice because my hands need a rest (to many IV and blood draws). So, I let them go out of my forearm. I didn't want to but Tammy was saying, "You're a baby let them use your arm. Be a man. Where's your purse Alice?" so, as you can see, I was forced to offer up my forearm. Well, once I showed the nurse my virgin arm she was like, "Why have you been keeping this from me. This is a goldmine. Oh, I can't wait to get your IV started."

It hurt, real bad! She made me bleed my own blood! :0 I almost cried but I held back my tears. I'm just kidding, it did not hurt too bad and I will probably start letting them use my arms.

We saw the PA and have decided to continue the Rituxan and wait until March 24th to see the doctor. Probably in April I will start Hardcore Chemo... actually I suspect I should be able to handle it fairly well. The chemo will take about 6 months.

My sister is visiting this weekend from Denver and Tammy is going to take Craig to a soccer tournament in Richmond, VA.

Thanks for checking in,



Anonymous said...

Hey! Great news Gary - keep it coming!

CasaRivera said...

Macho macho man!

kc said...

What a tough cookie! No port? well keep up the good work - p.s. the arm is always easier than the hand!

Good luck to Craig this weekend!

Gary & Tammy said...

This is Tammy and I just want to clarify that YES I have been encouraging Gary to try the IV in his arm but in a gentle way. His hands look like a battlefield! I did not say be a man or the purse comment that is no way to treat a cancer patient!!

Name: Holly Bowne said...

You are very, very brave. :) All the Bownes are continuing to pray for you. We love the blog!