Thursday, March 13, 2008

Treatment 11 to a Cure!

Hello Everyone,

Treatment 11 done and gone! One more to go!

Remember, I told you that I had to start letting the nurses use my forearm for the IV, well today I offered up the forearm but the nurse said I can use your hand. So, I said great! She missed… POKE 2 (I have already given blood for … POKE 1). After she missed she had to go do something so Nurse 2 stops by POKE 3… Ok I am starting to get upset but you got to keep your cool with the Nurses. POKE 4… Success! All is better.

I only have one more IV before a few weeks of no Hospital! The current schedule is to meet Dr. Byrd at OSU on March 24, right after Easter and then meet with Dr. Kujawski at UofM on March 27. I think it is kind of funny that I have to see doctors at arguably the biggest rival in sports.

We should know what we are going to do next after we meet with the doctors, but if you want my guess, I think we are going to start Chemo – Fludarabine, Cytoxon, and Rituxan (FCR) on March 31. Here is how it works:

Month 1

  • Week 1 – Receive Chemo Monday through Friday; it will take about 6 to 8 hours each day
  • Week 2 – Recover; Feel tired around day 10 – 14; Able to catch colds easier; stay at home
    Week 3 – Recover; Possibility to lose hair, I didn’t last time, so I am hoping I do not this time.
  • Week 4 – Regain strength; feel better

Month 2 – 6

Repeat Week 1 – 4 You probably noticed we have changed the title of the blog a few times. Tammy thought we could improve the blog with the new title. Let us know if you like it?

Thanks to everyone for the dinners, cards, rides, and sitting with me during chemo! All of you have made it a lot easier for us.




kc said...

Love the new title, and your optimism. You must be a breath of fresh air for the nurses at chemo! Your humor is going to help you through all of this!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Gary (and Tammy and kids),

Just wanted to let you know we've been thinking of you, and I've been checking in on your blog. I'm glad to see that your spirits remain high. You're quite a prolific may have a little side career here, Gary!

Hope to see you soon!

Amy, Steve, & Jonah

Anonymous said...


Thanks for taking the time to write the blog! We look forward to your progress reports. We continue to pray for you and the family!

Take care,

The Welch's