Saturday, March 29, 2008

Acts of Kindness

Hello Everyone,
We have been keeping a journal of all the "Acts of Kindness" that people have been providing our family and we wanted to express our heart felt gratitude. Without naming everyone we felt it would be more appropriate to just list out all the "Acts of Kindness".

In no particular order:
- We have had lots of yummy dinners over the past months and this has been a great help!
Dinner out at a Resturant with Friends
- We like to get out and spend time with our friends talking, etc.
Snow Shovelling
- Multiple times people have shoveled our driveway and walks... what a great feeling to have the snow gone when we get home.
Caring Phone Calls
- Believe me it feels great to have people call and genuinely have concern for us.
Encouraging Cards
- We have gotten funny, serious, religious, exciting, and musical cards all encouraging me to get better and stay calm.
Rides to Activities for the Kids
- Everyone knows how much this can help during busy times to have rides for the kids.
Rides to UofM
- It made it much easier to be able to get to UofM and have Tammy show up a bit later!
Bread, Bread, Bread
- I love the Bread!
Pie, Pie, Pie
- Can we all say Mmmmmmmm!
Grapes, Grapes, Grapes
- Green Grapes Are So Good from Joe's
- Craig loves his watermelon
Chemo Chaperon
- People who come with me to Chemo and suffer through the boredom.
Hot Cross Buns
- Have you ever had a Hot Cross Bun, you must try it if you haven't.
- Who wants a cookie... everyone!
- We have received many wonderful books!
- Mmmm, Mmmm, Homemade Good!
- I love it!
- I love it
Pot Roast
- Meat and Potatoes, Mmmmm.
- Cluck Cluck Mmmmm.
- I love the chili
- We love it!
Visits from Denver
- It is always good to see my older sister!
- Keep them coming!
Blog Comments
- Blogging is fun!
Words of Encouragement
- It always helps for positive reinforcement
Taking our kids out to Dinner
- It is nice to be by ourselves knowing the kids are in good hands.
Watching the Dog
- Tootsie loves to visit
Treats from far away
- I love getting stuff in the mail.
Gifts of all types,
- Some small, some large, but all having great meaning to us!
and finally and most importantly,
- The power of prayer is more important than any other thing people can do for me. I trust Jesus for my healing and it always helps to have a few prayers coming in for me.

We probably didn't get everything but all we can say is


Gary & Tammy

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