Friday, February 22, 2008

Day 3 to Cure (continued)

Hello Everyone,

I took the Rituxan again this morning and again no problems.

The fun part about today was John Giragosian, my friend, neighbor, and dentist stepped up to the plate and took me to treatment.

He got up pretty early to pick me up at 6:45 am on a cold snow filled morning.

It was nice having John there to talk with, of course, around 9:00 am I fell asleep and was pretty much out the next 1 ½ hours, damn Benadryl.

If you don’t know John, know this, it is people like John that offer small acts of kindness who make my life worth living.

John, Thanks for Being There!

Well, the kids are on their way back from Florida with Tammy and should arrive sometime before 5:00 pm. I really have missed them and am very excited to see them.

Thanks for checking in on the blog!

Until we meet again,



kgwhite said...

HI Gary! Stay strong - we're praying for you! Do you need us to donate blood specifically for you during your procedures?

Lynn Brown Clary said...

Hi there. You are in all of our prayers and thoughts. The blog is a great idea and we are keeping track of your progress. Wish we were there to give you a hug in person. Much love -- The Clary's

JoseKingJ said...

Hey Gary...
You really are an example of life and an example for us. You are in our prayers in Tierconnect. You can be sure you are in our thinkings, in our hearths and of course in our prayers.
Be strong, we all are with you and your family

Patti E. said...

Good luck with your treatments this week. I hope they go as well as the last 2 did!

Love ya,