Monday, November 10, 2008

It seems I can't get enough!

Hello Again Everyone,

Sorry, I have taken a few weeks off updating the blog. I was enjoying everyday life! Well, enough of that it seems I can't get enough of the Leukemia stuff.

The leukemia is back and my doctors and I have decided to attack it this time with a clinical triaal which is currently only offered at Ohio State University. I will begin the clinical trial in December.

The clinical trial should help me to get into a remission. The downside is that I have to go to OSU for the treatments. The schedule is fairly aggressive and will require some time away from home while receiving the chemo. The treatment will last up to six months.

We are still planning to do the Stem Cell Transplant using cord blood but will wait until 1) I am in a good remission and 2) the BMT clinical trial is available (paper work issue).

Physically, I still feel fine and am not experiencing any difficulties.

I will still be able to work and do most of my normal activities while going through treatments. I will be more immune suppressed, so, shaking hands and kissing babies will have to stop.

I am almost to the transplant finish line, but have to get myself back into a remission.

I appreciate all the prayers and well wishes, so, keep them coming they really do help!

Take care,


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