Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Food of Glory

My dad Gary Latham is a person who loves to eat food. Every day before he would go to work he would go to panara. He even had a $150 gift card to panera. He would buy bagles on saturday morning and pizza on saturday night. He would buy us tacos sometimes. but he always goes to get us thai food like every day. When it was one of our brithdays he would buy us a huge cake I am not talking about a regular cake I am talking about big. Thats what my dad would do for food.

Scott Latham


Anonymous said...

Did you know when he was a kid, his favorite cake was angle food with a cocoa frosting. Grandma made it every year for his birthday. :)


kc said...

I bet you love Panera, too! I'm so glad you have those fun food memories! AND, I'm glad you have this great blog to write them down in!

Anonymous said...

Hey Scotty.
Do you know how unhappy your mom would be when your dad would buy all that unnatural, cholesterol building food? It is always fun to have treats. If your mom won't give them to you, I will!
Take Care.
Mrs. Wenner

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Scott. That made me chuckle....

David Phillips