Monday, September 29, 2008

On the Road Again!

We are on our way home from OSU and wanted to give a quick Tammy-style update. The doctors at OSU clearly recommend NOT getting a double cord blood transplant using the procedure followed at University of Minnesota. It has too much risk and not enough success with CLL patients.
A transplant is still recommended but a "mini transplant" not the "full transplant". We feel most comfortable having the transplant at Ohio State with a transplant doctor that specializes in CLL. In order to do a double cord blood transplant at OSU some "paperwork" needs to be approved. This process could take up to 6 months. During this waiting period it would be nice if an adult donor is found. It would also be nice for the CLL to stay in control in Gary's body.
Thats the quick update for now!
PS. Gary went on his first business trip since January last week. He forgot/did not pack the Purell. He spent the weekend in bed with a fever and bad cold. He is feeling better today with the help of antibiotics.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Who is in Control?

Hello Everyone,

As you read in our previous posting, Fork in the Road, we have to make a decision on moving forward with or without the transplant.

I want to let everyone understand that it is a really big decision kinda like Getting Married, Having Kids, etc. in that the decision is permanent. No Going Back, so you want to get it right!

In this case if I get it wrong the results can be very serious (not good) but if we get it right I can be cured of Leukemia!

The doctors do understand a whole lot on this but do not know everything (risk).

After I have been considering all the scenarios it basically reconfirms that I am not in control but He is (GOD).

I have boiled it all down to am I ready to Trust God completely with whatever decision we make.

I would like to ask Everyone to pray that:
1) We listen to what God is telling us
2) We Trust him completely
3) We have success

I, also, think this can apply to all of you!

We meet with OSU doctors on Sept. 29, we will keep you posted.

Thanks for checking in,


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fork In The Road

We are nearing the fork in the road. Do we turn right and go for the double cord
blood transplant or turn left and wait for the Leukemia to come back ??
We need to make a decision and at this point are not sure which way to turn.
Yes - Gary is a good candidate for a double cord blood transplant. But the transplant
involves risk and no guaranteed results.
Yes - the CLL is likely to return. When and how aggressively will it return- we don't know.

We are in the process to weighing the options. We will consult again with doctors.
Ultimately the decision is ours....which way to turn???