Thursday, July 3, 2008

Good News!

Hello Everyone,

We have good news! Well basically my bone marrow has little cancer burdened, no cancer in peripheral blood, and lymph nodes are clean and normal size.

So, we got what we wanted and that is the Leukemia is beat down! Although we know it will not last very long! Because of the nature of Leukemia the cancer will begin to grow again.

So, What is next!

1) I am now ready for the Transplant but must wait until we find a "Perfect or Nearly Perfect Match"

2) Since, we know the "Cancer" is not cured until after a Transplant I am going to enter into a clinical study at Ohio State University! I will be meeting with the OSU team at the end of July. This clinical study has seen some tremendous results and Dr. Bryd feels it would help me get into a "Durable Remission" which allows us to wait for a "Perfect Match" for the transplant.

Both, Tammy and I are very happy with the progress I have made against this Leukemia. Over the next few months my body will begin to recover back to normal levels as the bone marrow recovers it normal operating processes. (They say it can take 6 to 12 months to fully recover!)

Personally I feel very blessed to have gotten this far! It has been a while since I was able to feel good about my body!

I want to Thank Everyone for your continued prayers and words of encouragement it has and always helps me everyday! Also, I would like to ask you to pray for a "Perfect Match" so we can put the Leukemia behind us permanently!

I hope you have a GREAT 4th of July, My Family and I will!

Thanks for checking in,



Amy Rosenberg said...

Great news! I'm glad to hear that things are going well. Steve and I are thinking of you often.


kc said...

GOD IS GOOD! AND your positive attitude is too! Keep it up - You are in my prayers.