Monday, July 21, 2008

OSU Update

We meet with the doctors at Ohio State today. I am actually updating this in the car on the drive home. Although the doctors feel that Gary is "ready" for a stem cell transplant a well matched donor has not been identified. The success of a transplant depends on a good match so we unanimously decided wait until a great match is found.

His platelets are still very low (11 today) so he is going to take an oral drug which we hope will help to raise the platelets. This drug still has the same side effects as chemotherapy of lowering the immune system so he needs to be careful not to get any infections (he will keep the Purell in his pocket) At this point the plan is to take the drug for 5 weeks and see if the platelets increase.
Overall Gary feels pretty good. He has a great desire to exercise(at least he talks about it frequently) and eat well he just needs to work harder on the execution of that desire :)
We ask for your continued prayers to keep Gary strong and infection free and for a perfectly matched donor.

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Holly Bowne said...

Well, we know your great desire to "eat well" will be filled by your awesome wife, Chef Tammy.

And as far as prayers to keep you strong and infection free, and for a perfectly matched donor--you've got it! We're praying for you always.

God Bless,
Holly & the Bownes