Friday, April 18, 2008

Become A Donor!

Hello Everyone,

Who wants to save another persons life?

The Test (Puts you on the National Donor Registry)

- Cheek Swab for tissue sample

The Donation (If you are ever asked to become a donor!)

- A pint of blood

That is all it takes!

Consider adding yourself to the donar registry! Who knows you might save a life!

Here is how you can get on the registry:

Step 1: Click the Link:
Step 2: Read and Learn
Step 3: Click the Join the Registry Link:

Unfortuately, at this time the process is not free it cost $52 to have your tissue sample tested and added to the registry.

The good news is your employer might cover the cost!

I hope everyone will consider adding yourself to registry.

You might save a life!



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