Sunday, August 12, 2012

An Awesome Day!!

We had an awesome day celebrating Gary Latham on July 30th !  Thank you to our fabulous friends that work so hard to plan and organize the golf outing.  We had 21 foursomes and over 50 more friends that joined us for dinner.  Thank you to all of the golfers, volunteers, hole sponsors, and diners that joined us in remembering what a special man Gary was in his short time with us.  He always loved to be surrounded by people and he would have loved to be there at Walnut Creek with us.  We know that he was watching from above. 

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More photos to follow soon- the photographer has taken a vacation :)

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Danny in London said...

Hello Tammy and Family,
I wanted to write and tell you (Gary and Tammy's children) about the time I spent with Gary and how I met your mom. I met your dad, in 1989, around the same time I met you mom in Lansing, MI. The three of us were just out of college and ready to pursue our career dreams. We had many things in common, and became great friends. So much so, that you dad asked me to be his best man at his wedding, which I was honored to do. I grew to love the positive attitude that you father had towards his work, and his family, and it helped me in what I was trying to achieve. Eventually, I moved from my hometown in MI, to Texas and then to Chicago where I was given the news of Craig being born. My first son, Andreas was also born, I think the two of you are only a few months apart. I had a daughter and son, to complete my family.

While Gary's passing was quite some time ago, I will always remember the time with him and his mom, in Lansing, that little car plant Reatta.


Daniel Terestenyi